A bottle of Westella 2019 Pinot Noir being held to reveal the label artwork, “A long walk, Skullbone Plains, Tasmania”, 2014 (detail), by Tasmanian artist Sue Lovegrove. Photo: Renee Hodskiss.

Why Pinot

We tend 10 acres of Pinot at our Rowella vineyard in the northern reaches of the Tamar Valley. Four Pinot Noir clones were chosen with each lending their own personality to our small selection of wines. Our vines are hand-tended from pruning in the winter, through the growth of the canopies and fruit in spring and summer, and then, finally, their hand harvesting in autumn. And then we begin again.

Westella Vineyard wants to be a positive and responsible contributor to Tasmania. To help us do that we participate in Vin0, Wine Tasmania’s program helping grape growers to produce high quality grapes and wine without negative impacts for our environment or local community. Vin0 encourages a connection with the land and people, recognising we are all custodians with a responsibility for the future prosperity of Tasmania.

We only grow Pinot

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