A detail from the Sue Lovegrove artwork, “A long walk, Skullbone Plains, Tasmania”, 2014. Artwork: Sue Lovegrove.

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We are passionate about Tasmania’s natural environment and creative arts.

Our relationship with celebrated Tasmanian artist, Sue Lovegrove, extends back to the earliest days of Westella Vineyard. Sue allowed us to use an artwork she had created inspired by the majestic landscape of the Skullbone Plains in the Vale of Belvoir in Tasmania’s central highlands.

This work is extremely important to us and has hung in our home for many years. In addition to giving us her blessing to use the work, Sue also provided us with a fortuitous recommendation for another extraordinary Tasmanian talent, Lynda Warner, to design our range of labels. This creative synergy is what we strive for in all the wines we produce.

Artist statement:

A Long Walk, Skullbone Plains, Tasmania, 2014 featured on Westella’s wine labels comes from a series of miniature scratchboard drawings based on time spent at Skullbone Plains, a Tasmanian Land Conservancy property located in the central highlands of Tasmania. The landscape is a mix of alpine forest and open woodland featuring several threatened species of vegetation. What caught my eye was the patterning of bleached white brittle branches scattered across the ground. Inverting white to black and a repetitive scratching and scoring of the negative space creates a shimmering abstract field of calligraphic lines reminiscent of the structures of the broader landscape in topographical maps.

Sue Lovegrove

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