Autumnal Westella vines. Photo: Renee Hodskiss.


Westella Vineyard wants to be a positive and responsible contributor to Tasmania. To help us do that we participate in Vin0, Wine Tasmania’s program helping grape growers to produce high quality grapes and wine without negative impacts for our environment or local community. Vin0 encourages a connection with the land and people, recognising we are all custodians with a responsibility for the future prosperity of Tasmania.

Our involvement with Vin0 aims to improve the outcomes for our environment and the ecosystems on which we tend our vines. Ask us about our six key foci;

  • The health of our soils,
  • Managing pests and diseases in environmentally responsible ways,
  • Biodiversity and managing our natural flora and fauna to support the health of our land and vineyard,
  • Using water responsibly in the vineyard,
  • Recognising our role in biosecurity to ensure the future sustainability of vineyards in Tasmania, and
  • Respecting and caring for all the valuable individuals with whom we interact.

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